page title icon How Scott Adams of Dilbert Used Law of Attraction?

Complete Law of attraction Techniques of Scott Adams of The Dilbert

Do you know renowned and most successful Cartoonist and the creator of Dilbert Mr.Scott Adams, used the law of attraction technique for his success? Even though he never tell that he used the law of attraction, but he used the affirmation technique.

Before explaining his technique, You should know about his life, then only we can understand how wonderful the power of the law of attraction is.


The Incident That Changed Scott Adams Life

Mr.Scott Adams never believed in this mind power before. Pre Dilbert he was working in an office. One day he met a woman who has psychic abilities, he asked her to tell about him. She told him about a skin rash in his armpit. He was surprised and amazed. He wonders how could she tell about that rash in his armpit moreover, which is under his cloth.

Women also told about his fear of water, which was again true. This incident had made him a believer.

Which leads him to practice affirmation techniques.

Stock Market Success of Scott Adams

Initially, he started to invest in the stock market, he affirmed  with LOA technique and one day he waked up with “Buy 
Chrysler’ and he did it. When he invested, the stock was on the downside and suddenly its prise increased and he made a good chunk of money

He used the affirmation technique to attract the women he loved. He also used the same technique to pass the GMAT entrance examination for his MBA program and achieved 96% score. 

He set major goals and simply used this technique to achieve his success. His major investment he did by using this idea.

Law of Attraction Technique Scott Adams Used for His Success Including Dilbert

The technique was simple. He used to sit down and write his affirmation in the present positive way. For his stock market investment, he wrote, ‘I made money in the stock market’, this he wrote twice in a day. He used to write his affirmation 2 times a day. He repeated every line of affirmation 20 times.

He not only wrote his affirmation on daily basis, but he also wrote it in paper and pasted it all in a small piece of paper and pasted it to his mirror, washroom walls, car, and every place

What Is Affirmation Practice?

Affirmation is super powerful. In fact, you always do affirmation, and you are manifesting it into your life. However, you are not aware of it. for example, if you are someone who always says, I am busy, I don’t have time. Your life will be like that, you never get time for anything. even if you get time, suddenly something happens and it takes out your time. This might be simple but everyone will not understand this.

What happens when you do affirmations?

In a scientific way, by affirmation, you are reminding your brain about your goal. When you are clear about your goal, your brain seeks a way to achieve it. it is otherwise called RAS or Reticular Activating System

Whatever your mind can accept and believe, It can achieve it.