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Morning Rituals for a successful life

All successful people may not have rituals, but those who practice these rituals became successful in their life.

The definition of Rituals

The simple definition of rituals is, “a series of practices one does”, basically this word is more often used for religious practices however, this is a perfect vocabulary for the success practices one should follow.

Do these rituals are important for one’s life?

Definitely! practicing it can bring massive changes in life, as I said earlier, All successful people may not have rituals, but those who practice these rituals became successful in their life. 

Our brain wiring are is such a way that simple changes in our routine habitual practices every day can compound in years and can bring you more success, without waiting more let’s come to the point

The successful rituals one must follow are mentioned here and practice this specialy in the golden hours of every day.

1.The ritual of planning for the next day

This is really important, research shows that if you plan for the next day, you get a more better and successful outcome. There is a method of doing it. this needs to be done before going to bed. Plan your activities and write them in your diary. when you sleep our subconscious mind gets activated and whatever you hold it in your conscious mind enters into your subconscious. The result of this is perfection in the activities you have planned. If it is a problem you want to solve, keep it in your mind seeking for a solution without worrying about it, there is a high probability that you get the exact solution in the middle of your sleep or during the morning time. Just try and see it by yourself

2. The ritual of Goal writing

Simply practice goal writing make it easy for you to achieve goals. Goal writing is a simple practice, where you write your goals in the present positive tense. Whatever you desire you can write or you can write about your life the way it wanted to go, but when you do this it shouldn’t be in the way you wanted it, write it believing you already had it. Eg: I am having a happy life with my wife and children, even though you are experiencing a tough time in reality.

Renowned trainer Brian Tracy explains about goal writing. Watch this..

4. The ritual of waking up early

Everyone thinks that one needs 8 hours of sleep. But the fact is not the duration but the depth of sleep you are getting is more important. If you had a sound deep sleep, 6 hours- even 4-5 hours of sleep is also fine. Many successful people practice this principle.

if you think it’s difficult to wake up early practice this before going to bed, just calm down your mind. you can do this by consciously observing your breathing pattern for a few minutes / practicing breathing exercises for a few minutes. Once your mind is calm, look into the clock and set the time to wake up, do this in your mind. When you do this simply think that ‘tomorrow I will wake up at ___ time’ repeat it 5 times and visualize it in your mind’s eyes. You can also set alarm in your mobile, but if you practice this mostly you will wake up a few minutes before your alarm.

When you wake up early you get a calm and quiet environment for yourself. Your brain vibrates more at the alpha level and which is perfect for your meditation, future planning, goal setting, and learning. One can also practice belief clearing at this time. Listening to motivational talks or reading a personal development book will help you to do that. 

4. The ritual of practicing “Gratitude Attitude”

TV artist and comedian Steve Harvey about practicing Gratitude Attitude

Immediately after wakeup every morning you need to start being aware of all the moments and situations you are grateful for. Many people think that there is nothing in there life for being grateful. That is not true, If you are alive you should be grateful for that. If you are having a house or all the amenities you required, you can be grateful for it. it’s not about what you don’t have when compared with others, but about recognizing what you are having.

When you are being in the feeling of gratefulness, your vibes will start attracting more similar vibes into your life, that why in the energy world it commonly says ‘like attracts like’. The universe will start responding back by giving you more opportunity/ situation you will feel more and more grateful. Practice this consistently, be in gratefulness feeling all the time, slowly you will start getting results

5. Change patterns of your morning routines- Ritual for more stronger brain

Our brain always follows patterns that are imprinted in it. Just changing it will improve your brainpower. Even brushing your teeth with the opposite hand will help for this, do unexpected things, and give surprises to your brain. This helps with more brain wirings. More wiring, stronger your brain will be. This helps you to think more deeply. 


Exercise is important for everyone. It could be anything from yoga or stretching to high-intensity training. Even walking 25% speedier than your normal speed is also good. This will increase more blood flow towards your brain. Which contributes toward brain development. There are multiple benefits in exercise, it not only makes you stay fit but also will help you look better, think better and sleep better. A healthy body is necessary for a healthy mind. if your mind is strong and your body is weak, it will be difficult for your body to follow your mind. 

Start slowly when you start, you can do simple stretching or lifting small weight.When you start don’t decide you will start doing 50 push-ups/ 50kg bench press from start, which is actually stupidity. Slow and steady win the race.

7. Meditation

Like physical exercise, meditation is an exercise for your mind. It is important to calm your mind. Continuous practice of meditation has many positive benefits in one’s personal & professional life. Research shows that meditation can also improve health and immunity. It can keep you in perfect emotional control.

Start with a simple meditation technique. 6 phase meditation is one of my favorites. Silva & Twin heart meditations are also good.

Practicing meditation at least one time, if you practice more, then the benefits will be more. 


If you are not learning you are dying. learning will help you grow. Read a book,
spend some time to improve your abilities. Reading a motivational book or listening to the audiobook will keep you motivated, False beliefs can be cleared out through these practices. Spend some time for this. Start with 15 to 20 min, increase the duration slowly. Even you can listen to an audio book when you travel. Studies show that the average human being travels around 30 mins per day. If you could utilize this it will be 183 hours of learning in a year. many professional courses are much less than this. Select one topic and start doing it. In a year you can see the change.

All the rituals mentioned above can make your life more successful. When you start don’t look for immediate results, practice it continuously. Slowly you see results and change in your life.