How To Change Your Life Into A Successful One

Analize 7 areas of your life

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1. Health & Fitness 2. Financial status 3. Career 4. Relationship 5. Happiness 6. Spirituality/ Charity 7. Learning 

Identify where you stand today

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Start taking simple steps of action as mentioned in further slides 


1.Health & Fitness

1. Start mild exercise or walking 2. Include more vegetables in your food 3. Practice fasting 4. Yoga is also good, start practicing sun salutation then add new Asana every week

2.Improving Financial Health

1. Start saving 10 percent of your current income  per month and try to increase every month to 30% 2. Start investing, you may try index fund in mutual fund 3. Learn to make an alternate source of income

3. Career/Job satisfaction

1. Do what you love and love what you do 2. Learn more and sharpen your skills 3.Add more value to your job

4. Relationship

The formula for improving your IPR is this “Respect + Listen + Asking questions”. This simple formula really works


We feel happiness on the basis of focus we give to our experience. We experience good and bad in the life. When it is good we really feel happy, and when it is bad we feel sad. If you focus on good and feel grateful about it, you will have more good things happening in your life.

6.Spirituality/Giving / Charity

Your first step of receiving is giving. The ideal part of sharing is 10% of what you are getting. But majority don’t like to give that much, no problem, start with small, make it a practice. Start a gratitude journal

7. Learning or Investing on yourself

World is evolving every day every night, are you capable to live in this world, did you evolved. Changing yourself is not easy task. Lots ok knowledge and skills are required for it. These skills won’t come up easily. Spend some time, dig deep, grab maximum knowledge and take action.