page title icon Transform Your Reality: Neville Goddard’s Powerful Revision Technique


Welcome to a transformative journey that can reshape your life according to the teachings of Neville Goddard and his famous technique of manifestation called as Neville Goddard Revision Technique.

This blog post will guide you through Neville’s revision technique, a powerful manifestation tool that allows you to rewrite your past and create a more positive present. So that you can help your mind to let go the past and focus more to the manifestation of the future life you dream

By understanding and practicing this technique, you can shift deep-rooted beliefs and manifest your desires with newfound clarity and ease.

Understanding Neville Goddard’s Revision Technique:

Revision is a manifestation technique rooted in the belief that our assumptions shape our reality. Neville Goddard emphasized that by revising past negative events and altering our perception of them, we can literally change the course of our lives.

Going back to the past is not something everyone think of, but in this technique, you are going back to the past through the power of imagination and healing the wound your mind has gotten from the past event. This will help you to recover from the negative effect that your mind has got from it.

This technique serves as a catalyst for shifting limiting beliefs formed as a result of past experiences, enabling us to manifest what we truly desire in the present.

How to change the past?

It is not possible to change the past, however, if you have got any negative effect from the past to your subconscious mind, this can be changed in an extent by following the revision technique.

Our current situation is an average of thoughts and actions you had in your past. In this technique, Neville explained, if the past has caused any negative effect in your life, you heal it and focus and improve your future.

When to Use the Revision Technique:

The revision technique becomes invaluable when you find it challenging to change your beliefs due to a past situation.

It can be applied to various scenarios such as painful breakups, job losses, receiving unwelcome news, the loss of a friend, misplacing an item, or even conflicts with loved ones.

Whenever you struggle to let go of the emotional weight associated with a past event, revision can help you shift your perspective and create new empowering beliefs.

Step 1: Identify the Past Situation You Wish to Change:

Begin by identifying a specific negative situation from your past that still impacts your present mindset.

For example, a breakup might have left you feeling unlovable, restricting your ability to attract love back into your life.

Or having any event related to money that has created a belief barrier which is keeping you away from attracting more money into your current life.

Pinpointing these events allows you to consciously address the limiting beliefs associated with them.

Step 2: Use Imagination to Revise the Past with Neville Goddard SATS technique

To engage in revision, find a relaxed state known as “state akin to sleep” (sats).

This can be achieved through meditation or just before falling asleep. You can also do body scanning exercises to get to this level or simply focus on breathing for 5 to 10 min to achieve this state.

Once in this serene mental state, transport yourself back to the scene of the past situation using your imagination.

Mentally rewrite and revise the event, envisioning it unfolding in a more favorable way.

Repeat this revised scenario, reinforcing it until it feels as real as any other memory. Be persistent and gently bring your focus back to the revised scene if your mind wanders.

Step 3: Impressing the Revised Scenario in Your Subconscious:

Continuously revise the past event during SATS until your subconscious mind fully accepts the revised scenario as your new reality.

Neville Goddard teaches that this acceptance allows you to change your assumptions in the present and free yourself from the limitations imposed by the past.

By impressing the revised scene upon your subconscious, you open the door to attracting positive and empowering beliefs that align with your desires.

Consistency and Timing:

For optimal results, practice revision every night before you sleep.

By revising your day and transforming negative events into more favorable outcomes, you prevent the formation of limiting beliefs.

Remember, negative assumptions gain strength when left unaddressed. Cultivate the habit of revision to protect yourself from these beliefs and continue manifesting your dreams.

The Duration of Revision:

The time required to revise the past varies from person to person.

Generally, it takes around 21 days to witness significant shifts in your reality.

Consistency and dedication are key factors in this process.

If you don’t observe immediate changes, it indicates that your subconscious mind has yet to fully embrace the revised scenario.

Additionally, other limiting beliefs may be hindering the manifestation of your desires. Address these beliefs by identifying and revising them as well.

Unlocking Your Potential with Revision:

Remember, through revision, you’re not altering the past itself but transforming your thoughts and beliefs about it.

The past is a mere memory, and by reframing it, you release the emotional bonds holding you back.

By changing your perception, you create new assumptions in the present, which allow you to manifest a brighter future.


Neville Goddard’s revision technique offers a profound opportunity to shape your reality by reshaping your past. By identifying negative events, revising them through vivid imagination, and impressing the revised scenes upon your subconscious, you can break free from limiting beliefs and manifest the life you desire. Make revision a regular practice and witness the incredible transformation it brings to your journey. Embrace this empowering technique and unlock the door to a future filled with unlimited possibilities.