page title icon DOes ‘The Secret’ workS? Learn How Law of Attraction work

People started to talk about Law of Attraction after the successfull book and movie “The Secret” By Rohnda Byrne. This book has changed many peoples life. Nevertheless to say the movie miss leaded some to not to do any thing for manifesting success, this book definitely have a point to make. The Secret book and movie has shown people ‘How powerfull is the human mind”.

Here I am going to give you some clarity and technique about how to make law of attraction work for you.

Law of attraction is a fancy name, in actuality its nothing, its the power of human mind.

Every human being bear this power, but majority don’t know how to use it for their betterment.

How To Make Law of Attraction Works As It Explained In “The Secret” Book?

Our mind is divided into to, Conscious and Sub – conscious mind. Only on conscious mind you have control, but you need subconscious mind for your manifestation.

Those who are able to utilize their subconscious mind have effortless success and prosperity.

Their are certain technique available to help you in that, Let’s discuss it one by one

  1. Meditation

People think that meditation is difficult. To Whomever I talked to about meditation have always said this, Oh! I difficult to keep mind clear and focus.

Meditation is ‘the act of giving your attention to only one thing’. Even if you cannot keep your mind clear its completly alright. You can simply start with observing your thought. Gradually you will devel;ope the ability to control your thought.

One method of doing meditation is focusing your attention to different parts of your body, its called body scanning method.

Now let me come to the point, When you meditate you are actually bringing down your brain waves vibration to to alpha level or low alpha waves and this helps to open up your subconscious mind and you can give clear instruction about your goals / needs for manifesting with the power of your mind.

This can be easily practice by any one and majority of people had whatever they want in life through this technique.

2. Affirmation

Through affirmation you are constantly giving suggestion to your mind about what you want. A thought you hold in the mind for long period, with affirmation it gets into your subconscious mind.

A simple technique for affirmation is to write your goal in present positive way in a card and keep it in your pocket, when ever you touch it, just pick it up and read, then imagine and feel that you have already manifested it.

3. Be in Good and Elevated Emotions