page title icon What is Your Incredible Life Purpose?

Do You Know About Your Incredible Life Purpose?

A Good Existence of You- Your Incredible Life Purpose

Life purpose

What is my life purpose? Have you ever thought why do you exist? The majority are simply living for the sake of living. Living for a purpose is a much better grateful way of living. Anyone can do that, only need to be aware of your purpose.

You are taken birth to do the thoughts of God on the earth. Many of us don’t identify our life purpose. It’s not really a difficult task, once you identify it, you will be happier and more craving to live your life.

Life is not boring, it is the purpose of life that keeps one move. the purpose is much higher than you think. There is a gift in yourself. Identify that, if you are interested to do something without boring, without tiring continuously, if you become ready to do this even without for any type of gain if you are ready to do it even it is hard work without the feeling of tiring if you are ready to do that only the inner feeling of greatness and if that work is adding more benefits to other, then it could be the purpose of your life.

Many of the time, the purpose of your life may not give any benefit other than happiness and satisfaction initially. The majority are doing things to earn money. Money is the yardstick of your service. Most of the time it comes later. When you work for benefitting others by doing the purpose of your life, when you add value continuously with love and affection to others’ life, the universe will recognize it and will start to pay back to you.

When money starts coming, it will come in an enormous amount and you will think that where it was hidden all this time.

Live the purpose of your life. Be a grateful being. You will attract a more grateful life. Understand that life is hard, it seems to be easy for the people who are a success, but it’s not. They succeeded because they are continuously in a grateful attitude even in a difficult time.

What is the purpose of your life? What is your existence meant for?. How you are benefitting for others?. How you are adding value?. Think about it, understand it and start living your purpose of life. Give some time and listen to the message by Jay Shetty.